Weaving a maze of sticky threads,
the spider busies itself making a home
that sparkles innocuously in the morning dew.
A fly lands,
lulled in by the beauty and
perceived safety.
The spider closes in,
wrapping the fly tightly
in the filament,
a swaddle not meant to insulate
but to incapacitate,
slowly smothering
the fly
into a pale
and lifeless

4 thoughts on “overprotective

      1. no one owes you constructive criticism, but off the top of my head your conceit is overwrought and been done by literally hundreds of better poets before. you don’t offer anything interesting or new in any of your imagery or wordcraft (a term i use loosely here because i’m not actually sure you know enough about language to be able to effectively play with it). your structure offers neither space or the lack of it to move through your ideas in any interesting way.

        i actually should have said this is the most boring poem i’ve ever read.

        if you want constructive criticism on your bad poetry you’ll have to go get a real mfa instead of not being good enough and settling for seminary instead


      2. No need to be rude, I was just giving you the opportunity for further feedback since you had originally commented about not liking the poem. If you don’t like my work, feel free to move on! I enjoy writing poetry as a hobby and will continue doing so whether you approve of it or not. I wish you luck in your own endeavors and hope you find meaning in other places besides trolling people on the internet. Peace, Brenna


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